Why use a registered migration agent?

Why use a registered migration agent?

Why use a registered migration agent?

It’s easy to understand why people will lodge visa applications themselves as they think it will save time and money.  The trouble is there can be long-term ramifications if it’s done wrong.  Here at Visa Solutions Australia we recently met with a client who had tried to lodge a permanent residency visa himself.

It was submitted incorrectly, and the outcome was that he was then in this country illegally.  He had to go onto a bridging visa and came to us for advice.

In the complex world of migration, it’s easy to make mistakes. Did you know for example that if you leave Australia on a ‘Bridging visa A’, you will need a ‘Bridging visa B’ to get back? You must apply for this before you leave the country.

Running the risk of rejection

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection receives thousands of work, family, student and migrant visas every year. Many will be successful but there are plenty of others which won’t. 

Registered migration agents know how the system works and what an Officer wants to see. They are qualified in this area for a reason, they are specialists in this field.

Get the right visa

We’ve heard of quite a few cases where people lodge applications themselves but then realise they have selected the wrong visa.  Don’t come into the country on a tourist visa if you plan on staying here long term – too many people aren’t aware of the limitations with certain visas. Some visas allow you to stay in the country while they’re being processed and others don’t, do you really know the difference between these?

Lack of evidence

Migration officers are a stickler for evidence.  You may think that what you submit is adequate but check what you’re putting forward, supporting government documents carry more weight than private letters.

All information is cross checked, so make sure it's consistent, don’t say you are separated when you are still married and always check your dates. If you’re lodging a partner visa, feel free to update your information while it’s in the queue to prove the relationship is stable and ongoing.

Misleading evidence

By using professional, migration agents you can be assured that you will be providing the correct documents.  Immigration officials can issue you with a ‘4020’ letter asking you to withdraw an application for providing misleading information.

Remember checks are made on scores and registration numbers to verify English Language certificates.

Get the right skilled visa for your occupation

When applying for a skilled visa, it’s important to get the right occupation. Some professions have different headings and you may accidentally select the wrong one which isn’t consistent with your qualification and will lead to a rejection.

Take the stress out of your application by using a migration agency

The Department of Immigration and Border Control sends a clear message on its website advising people that while it's not a requirement to use an agent, the process will easier and faster if you do.

What’s more with impending visa changes, the process looks likely to be more complex and problematic.

Visa Solutions Australia has a reputation of being one of the most trusted migration agencies in this country.  Our clients’ needs always come first so speak to us today to find out more.


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