Support Officer Aleks working to ensure your visa application meets the right requirements

Support Officer Aleks working to ensure your visa application meets the right requirements

Support Officer Aleks working to ensure your visa application meets the right requirements

Macedonian-born Aleksander Stojanovski knows what it’s like to come to Australia from a different country and culture.

Aleksander was only two years old when his family made the move from the Balkans to Australia.  

“My dad was a metal worker and he saw opportunities in the factories here,” says Aleksander. 

“My mum is a chef and she’s worked in big hotels. They felt that coming to Australia would help me and my brother to have a good level of schooling and education.”

Growing up with other migrants in Australia

The move certainly paid off for Aleksander, as he became the first member of his immediate family to go to university. He achieved a Bachelor of Science specialising in security and a Masters in accountancy from Edith Cowan University, Perth.

Growing up in Perth, Aleksander went to school in Mount Lawley alongside immigrants from all over the world. The experience helped him understand what drives people to start life in a new country.

“Living in Perth I met a lot of people who were making new lives for themselves. They have the freedom to enter whatever career they want too. My cousins back in Macedonia are doing okay but the opportunities weren’t there. Until recently all you could do was be a shopkeeper or farmer, there weren’t many career prospects,” says Aleksander.

Moving into migration and building customer relationships

With a background in security, computers and accountancy, Aleksander moved back to Perth from Canberra a few years ago to be closer to family. He was drawn to working in migration as he wanted a new challenge.  He also embraces opportunities to build relationships with people and enjoys helping them to navigate the visa application process.

“For me it’s all about connections and being that middle person making that connection and bringing them here for a better life.”

At Visa Solutions, Aleksander is an all-rounder in a close-knit team. On any one day he will be found checking visa applications, doing research or administration. He uses his accountancy skills on the financial side of the business and answers enquiries from potential clients asking about anything from permanent residency to applying for citizenship.

“People see the opportunities and recognise that Australia is a great country so we get a lot of applications and enquiries. We look at everything in minute detail and get to know our customers to help them secure the right visa.”

 How Aleks raises to any challenge

Aleksander has thrown himself into his new career learning all the roles involved with migration services, and ultimately hopes to become a registered migration agent.

In his spare time, he dotes on his three-year-old daughter, who he is teaching to swim. He is also both a keen amateur boxer and ballet dancer.

“People are surprised when I say that I do both boxing and dancing because they are very far removed from each other but I believe life is too short and to take the plunge before the regret of not doing it sets in.”


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