Health Requirement

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Health Criteria:

When applying for an Australian visa, you will be asked about your health. New residents are obliged to meet minimum health requirements to be granted a visa. If you fail to meet the ‘health requirement’ as it is known, a health waiver may be considered to allow a visa to be issued. 

Q. Will I need a medical examination?

If you are intending to stay longer than six months, or you are from a country deemed to be at a higher risk of tuberculosis, you may have to have a medical examination. 

Q. What if I haven’t applied for a visa yet?

Completing your online medical history before applying for a visa is not guaranteed to make processing time shorter. If you have already applied for a visa you need to wait until you are contacted by immigration and fill out the history according to their instructions.

Q. Do I need private health insurance?

Most temporary and student visa applicants need to show evidence of adequate health insurance cover as part of their visa application. Reciprocal health care agreements with other countries only provide essential health cover by Medicare. Expensive health items such as ambulances, dental work and non-subsidised medicines might not be covered.

Q.   How do I apply for a health waiver?

If you are eligible, you will be sent a letter advising that you have failed to meet the health requirement and that a health waiver is going to be considered.

The letter will invite you to put forward additional claims and information. Each health waiver is examined and determined on a case by case basis.

Q. I have already applied for a visa. What happens next?

Take your medical referral letter to an approved panel clinic (generally located in major cities in more than 100 countries) or your migration medical services provider. Your examination results are logged and uploaded and are either cleared automatically or referred for manual processing. It is your responsibility as the visa applicant to pay for these tests.

Q. What is the medical examination like?

Different tests are done for different age groups and people coming from countries at specific risk from infections such as Ebola or polio. Most adults are required to have a medical exam, plus chest X-ray and an HIV test.

Q.  What if I don’t pass the health test?

A waiver of the need to meet the health requirement (a health waiver) is available for applicants of certain visa sub classes. No health waiver is available where you have been found to have active tuberculosis, or another condition considered to be a threat to public health, such as hepatitis, yellow fever, polio and Ebola.

Health waivers can be considered if your employer undertakes to meet your medical costs or if Immigration is satisfied that granting the visa will not put pressure on Australian health care services. Health waivers can be considered if your employer undertakes to meet your medical costs or if any of your family members is able to lessen the potential cost and reliance on health services. Immigration may also consider granting the visa if your health will not put pressure on Australian health care services or any other compassionate or compelling circumstances.

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